We all want to look after our personal health and well-being – both physical and mental. Finding time to take care of these needs can help us better cope with the day-to-day stresses  and achieve a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle. A recent study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology highlights the potential restorative benefits of being in and around water. We know that SUP boarding gives us a full body workout engaging  muscles in the shoulders, core and hips. But there is evidence to suggest being on the water in beautiful surroundings can help calm your mind and body. Certianly we’ve felt it at Waterborn which is why we are offering ‘Blue Space Wellness SUPs’. Aimed at adults who have hectic work/ family schedules, we aim to take you out on the water with the specific aim of lowering levels of stress, increase feelings of well-being and provide a relatively gentle, low impact workout.  Click here to book your Blue Space Wellness SUP