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Listed our some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and some answers that will hopefully help ease any uncertainties, If you cant find what you are looking for then please to not hesitate to ask!


How old do you have to be to learn to SUP?


We teach from the age of 6, this does however really depend on how capable the child is at this age. We understand all children are different and so one child may find following instruction easy while another can really struggle and we want everyone to have the best time possible. Anyone under the age of 18 either needs be accompanied on the water (separate boards) by a parent or legal guardian or within sight and sound, under 10 they must be on the water with them.


The eldest we have taught was 92, so the age range is fairly inclusive.


Will I stand up in an hours session?


While we cannot 100% garantee you will be stood up first time there has been less than a handful of people who have been unable to for various reasons. 99.9% will be stood up within the first 15 minutes and paddling independantly.


Will I fall in?


It is extremely rare for people to fall in on our sessions, we use the best inflatable SUP’s on the market and have picked boards that give you the very best experience possible for you to learn on. The conditions at Kingsbridge also are extremely sheltered and makes for the best place to learn the sport. Trying to keep kids out of the water however is a different challenge altogether!


What do I need to bring with me?


We provide all the equipment needed for you to actually paddleboard, you just need to turn up in T-shirt and shorts or suitable swimming attire and suitable footwear to walk to and from the pontoon (Flipflops recommended). We recommend against wetsuits for the warmer months as paddling gets very hot if wearing one, however they are available should they be required at no extra cost. We also have a small selection of wetsuit boots for those to really suffer from cold feet but bare foot gives you the best chance to stand as you feel more connected to the board.


A change of clothes and a towel is always best to bring just incase but often not required.


I need to pay a 20% deposit to book the session but what happens if i need to cancel or the weather is bad?


We get extremely busy in the summer especially, and so booking is essential.We require a 20% deposit to ensure that we can provide adequate staffing for these busier months but understand sometimes plans change. We try our very best in these situations to re-book you into another slot that is suitable, failing that we offer you a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel with less than 24 hours before your session we will not be able to offer a refund as staff will have been paid to be ready for your session.


Sessions may be cancelled in the event of bad weather if it is dangerous to go out, as a general rule winds in excess of 20mph, gusting 30mph from the north will cancel a beginner session or hire.  Thunder and lightning will also cancel all sessions, If we have to cancel a session we look to re-book your group in but if we can not get a suitable slot for you we are happy to refund you. In the event of heavy rain we will also look to re-book sessions, however, if it is still safe to run and you would like to go out then we are happy to accommodate your session. We live in England and so light rain/drizzle will not be grounds to cancel your booking.

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