Another good haul on our March Paddle and Pick session. Although we are blessed with some beautiful stretches of water, rubbish still gets washed up on inaccessible stretches of our estuary. Paddle boards are the perfect way to reach these spots and transport any rubbish we find back to our Waterborn Activity Centre. Once there we hand the rubbish over to local social enterprise  Till the Coast is Clear who recycle everything responsibly.

 One of our regular local paddlers is Cerez Doyle. She was surprised at what she found. “I am doing my bit for the environment and doing my small part in hopefully making it better for our grandchildren. Quite shocked with what I found on the foreshore of our beautiful estuary…. rope, netting, possibly a part of an engine? And also what looks like the seal that goes around the windscreen of a car? Who dumps this stuff there in the first place? ? Thank you Waterborn for organising the pick and paddle and for showing me the realisation of what is happening in our waters”.

 We are proud to be a governing member of the ‘Plastic Free Kingsbridge’ committee – part of the initiative by Surfers Against Sewage to take action to cut avoidable plastic waste. If you’d like to help keep our waterways clean why not join us on one of our regular monthly Paddle and Pick sessions. Better still sign up for a River Avon Eco Tour and paddle down the stunning Avon River to Bantham beach. Call us on 07908 193 632 or check our events calendar for more details.