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Its always a bit of a privilege to be asked to host SUP for a Regatta, this year see's us hosting SUP for 3 big local Regatta's: Kingsbridge - Frogmore - Dartmouth

All the Regatta Races will have winners on the day so if you happen to be around, why not get on the water and enjoy the atmosphere. If you happen to be able to make it to more than 1 then you can have a chance at winning the Regatta Series Trophy!


Entry costs £5 per person, and you can register in early July, for additional info Call Crispin on 07908 193632

Kingsbridge - Crabshell Quay Regatta - TBA

Frogmore - Frogmore Creek - 19th August 2018

Dartmouth - Dartmouth Royal Regatta - 1st September

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