Donna McCheyne

Favourite discipline: SUP Yoga.
Best achievements: Hosting a SUP Yoga class for 19 Stags and not falling in, in front of them!
Favourite SUP spot: Quiet secluded creeks between Salcombe & Kingsbridge, especially Blanksmills and Collapit.
Goals/plans for 2017/18 Enjoy as much early morning SUP Yoga as possible! The water is at is quietest and you can watch the world wake up around you.
How did you start SUP: I was very late joining the party, but as soon as I did in 2015, I became hooked straight away!
Best SUP memory: Paddling from Salcombe to Gara Rock, hugging the coastline all the way, and arriving at a deserted beach, without a single soul in sight for miles!
Other interests: Loads! As well as yoga, meditation and SUP, I love wholesome food, green juices, grass roots travel and dogs! My favourite book is The Art of Hearing Heartbeats and favourite movie is 50 First Dates.
Best kept secret: I have always wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel. Talented, tough and courageous!!